About Selena Drake

Based in Langley, BC, I create acrylic art on canvas.  I use fluid painting techniques and acrylic pours to create each piece resulting in a unique one of kind design each time. The inspiration comes from my soul journey since my mother passed away a few years ago. I am deeply connected with my mother, who was a talented painter and the profound experience of my mom’s passing ignited my awakening and discovery of intuitive healing arts. The paintings are an outlet of creative expression where I channel my mom's gift. I recently discovered my ability to brush paint and I love the elements of earth, air and water. Each piece has meaning and is made with love and joy! And now I show others how to pour paint and set a sacred space to connect to their soul's expression.


I am a mother of two amazing sons and live with my twin flame who I have been married to for over 30 years. With a successful career in the corporate world, I pursue a spiritual path of healing and growth filled with meditation, yoga, kayaking, Zumba, painting and mystical exploration.


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